15152 (15 thou)


Pink Soft Tape
Plate side : Rubber/High adhesive
Sleeve/Cylinder side: Rubber/medium adhesive
Pattern Liner

Product Detail

The product is made up of a laminated multi-layer, calibrated thickness, closed cell polyethylene, physically reticulated, foam carrier and a transparent polypropylene pattern silicone film liner.
The rubber base adhesive system (wet-style), on both sides, provides high adhesion performance on closed/plate side and medium adhesion on open/cylinder or sleeve side.

Medium-high compressibility, identified through the pink coloured foam, which ensures elastic memory ideal for printing of details.
Ideal for Wide Web flexo printing of flexible packaging materials and for Narrow Web printing of labels.
Suitable for combination print with prevailing of screens, shades and fine types.
Recommended for medium thickness photopolymers plates.
Ideal for mounting operations on sleeve and steel cylinders.
The surface structure of the liner is especially designed to impress channels in the adhesive for the exit of air bubbles trapped between the double-sided adhesive tape and the sleeve/cylinder or the plates during mounting operations.

High adhesion on closed/plate side, ideal when firm hold is required rather than easy removal.


  • Tech Doc available on request