7085 (8 thou)


Transparent rigid pvc film with a green corrugated liner For use within the Label printing, Flexible packaging and Cardboard post print sectors

Product Detail

Rubber based adhesive on both the open and closed sides prioviding a low level of adhesion, PPL Corrugated liner , Green
The product is made up of a calibrated thickness transparent rigid PVC film carrier and a transparent
green creped polypropylene silicone film liner.
The natural rubber adhesive system (wet-style), on both sides, provides medium adhesion
Ideal for good quality printing at an affordable price.

Ideal for Wide Web flexo printing of flexible packaging material and Narrow Web printing of labels, when cushioning is not required.
Recommended for medium thickness photopolymer plates.
Ideal for mounting on steel cylinders.

Extremely easy-peeling silicone liner.
The embossed surface of the liner is especially designed to impress undulations in the adhesive in order to facilitate the partial exit of air bubbles trapped between the double-sided adhesive tape and the cylinder or the photopolymer plate, during mounting operations


  • Tech Doc available on request