Description and Features:

  • Wide “print window”
  • Excellent compressibility and recovery features thereby absorbing any tolerances caused by the irregularities of the print cylinder and reducing machine vibration/gear marking, thus reducing excessive plate wear, unevenness in print impressions and gear marking
  • Excellent print quality: from life-like facial tones to solid colours that are pinhole free
  • Easy to handle
  • Range of colours allowing for easy identification
  • Higher internal cohesion and double reinforcement of cushion tape, makes for easier removal, avoiding potential for contamination
  • Effective cushioning system: the exclusive high resilience formula for perfect printing results at very high speeds and extended/long print runs.
  • A wide range of compressions for a more suitable selection and higher print yield are available
  • Technologically advanced adhesive system: strong adhesion avoiding tape and plate lifting; clean removal with limited residue
  • High performance liner: easy peel, with a surface structure ideal to avoid air bubbles


Major brands stocked:

  • Biessse
  • Adheso Graphics



  • .38mm (15 thou)
  • .50mm (20 thou)
  • 1.00mm (40 thou)
  • 1.50mm (60 thou)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Where small diameter cylinders are used, Biessse leads the market with several lines of products that will ensure easy and bubble-free mounting, perfect adhesion during printing, residue-free plate removal and moderate thickness tolerance.