High Carbon steel micro structured
Suitable for Flexo and gravure, including varnishes and adhesives
Good wear with solvent ink for short to medium run work.
Available in thickness up to 0.50mm

Product Detail

"Traditional/Round edge
X-92: These blades are traditional blades not pre-ground, with full thickness throughout the width.
They are supplied with one edge deburred and one edge round extra smooth with a mirrored polish.

Sharp/Bevelled edge
X-93:These blades are bevelled with a nortmal bevel from 3 to 87 degrees on request.
They are supplied with one deburred edge and the bevelled edge ground and polished.

Lamella edge
X-95: These blades are pre-ground with a step bevel , which is thinner than the blade thickness.
The unique shape of the Lamella edge ensures that a constant area with the anilox/cylinder is maintained throughout the life of the blade"