Higher quality micro structured steel with an external coating to prolong the in-press life.
High performing blade for high quality printing.

Product Detail

"Traditional/Round edge
X-92: These blades are traditional blades not pre-ground, with full thickness throughout the width.
They are supplied with one edge deburred and one edge round extra smooth with a mirrored polish.

Sharp/Bevelled edge
X-93:These blades are bevelled with a nortmal bevel from 3 to 87 degrees on request.
They are supplied with one deburred edge and the bevelled edge ground and polished.

Lamella edge
X-95: These blades are pre-ground with a step bevel , which is thinner than the blade thickness.
The unique shape of the Lamella edge ensures that a constant area with the anilox/cylinder is maintained throughout the life of the blade"