TM-060 UNS BLUE, 60 thou (unsupported foam)


"These materials are superior print grade urethane foam materials that are
coated on 1 side with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This allows for the
individual trade shop or printer to attach foam to various carrier sheets
such as Polyester, PVC and Tin. U-Series may be easily laminated, by hand
or machine in any width or length to achieve the desired printing plate
format. Unsupported Foams provide for flexibility in the manufacturing process."

Product Detail

• A foam that has no firm structure to either side.
• Lighter weight Construction
• Higher durometer foam that resists compression set and enhances print
• Excellent Long Life Foam Resilience in Harsh printing Conditions
• Easy release White Polycoated Paper Liner
• Medium Adhesion Adhesive System for Plate Repositioning
• Controlled Foam Thickness Tolerance minimal foam variance
• High Compression Set Resistance during print run for Stable print reproduction
• Reduces or eliminates Fluting phenomenon for increased quality print
o Thicknesses available:
• 1.524mm (60 thou)
• 2.03mm (80 thou)
• 2.54mm (100thou)

  • Tech Doc available on request

    Tech Doc available on request