We represent multiple, high-quality brands with proven track records in the industry. We value:

  • Innovation as the driver towards new solutions to complex and demanding challenges
  • Integration and customisation: combining strengths of multiple products to enhance your processes
  • Value: selecting products for you that maximise value without compromising quality of output.
  • Customer focus: striving to understand your needs and desires and matching products and services to meet them.
  • Service: providing advice and products in a timely manner, allowing your business to continue without interruption.


Dominion Tapes has “in-house” precision-slitting capabilities. We also provide die-cutting or kiss-cutting of single-coated adhesive tapes (e.g. for use as gaskets) or double-coated adhesive tapes for applications such as the permanent joining of different substrates. Products can either be provided individually, with a finger-lift tab, or in continuous roll format.

Furthermore, with the ability to convert and despatch products to our customers on the same day, indeed within 2 hours for our Melbourne metro customers, this will help enhance production efficiency in your business.